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Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord.
2 Peter 1:2

West Lutheran Pays Attention to Details

West Lutheran High School graduates show that we at West Lutheran pay attention to the big details. Take college readiness as an example. Over the last five years, West Lutheran students have averaged 10-20% higher than the average Minnesota student in college English readiness; over 20% higher in Math readiness and 10-20% high in readiness for college level reading.  (Based on the ACT annual High School Profile Report).

West Lutheran Has a Focus

Some schools market themselves as prep schools while others model themselves as serving only a single niche such as fine arts or engineering. This is the “you might be the student for our school” approach.  We see this as the wrong starting point. 

At West Lutheran, we focus on the individual student, recognize his or her gifts, and push them to achieve. We accomplish this by offering a learning coordinator for the student that still struggles, to organize their learning or to help with other needs such as a special testing environment.  For advanced students, AP and PSEO classes are taught here on campus by the teachers that have come to know them, but also teach these classes at the rigor of a college level course. Our class sizes are kept at a level that allows the teacher to pay attention to the individual student.

West Lutheran Has a Heart for Your Student

The relationship between students and faculty is different at a school with a 1:11 faculty to student ratio. In this setting a student’s gifts and needs stand out pretty quickly. In an average high school where class sizes are 30+ students, it is tough to adapt a class or instruction to the unique needs of a student. Why not choose a high school that is able to really know your student and is able to meet their needs?